On occasion, we also work with selected Private Clients to help them achieve their personal goals.

We do this through the ability to assemble subject matter experts to best meet that client’s needs.

All of our Private Client career services can form part of an overall personal development strategy, or individual aspects can be delivered in order to achieve a specific goal. We believe that this menu-driven approach allows you the flexibility to access support in the areas where you believe that most value can be added for you.

MaxiParts Purpose & Culture

Providing an expert assessment of your skills and their relevance to the market of your choice, we can advise on your options and work with you to devise strategies that position you in the best possible way to achieve your goals. We can work through alternative pathways to the career goals that you hold and can call upon a strong panel of training providers who can drive your personal development in the right direction. Each client is unique and you will find that our approach is tailored specifically to your needs and will involve a number of engagement exercises alongside face to face meetings.

We work with leading edge facilitators in the testing field and have a wide range of options for those candidates who would like to incorporate additional, empirical data, into their career planning. Personality profiling and basic skills testing are probably the most commonly recognised aspects of this field but there is much more value to be gained from the correct use of these powerful tools. Detailed assessments of your numerical or abstract reasoning, entrepreneurship, values, motives and even work safety amongst others are available. Primarily, these will have been designed by a qualified psychologist and will offer credibility of reports that you would expect from a professional service. As a rule, our testing is delivered via web interface and as such, it can be done at your convenience from anywhere in the world where you can have internet access (even dial-up will be fine).

Unlock your potential, increase your independence and broaden your options for career development. We can help you achieve this with some professionally delivered coaching but with a human touch. Sometimes you already have the answers; you just need a sounding board that allows you to discuss matters away from the landscape of your own organisation. Don’t expect to be spoon fed. Coaching is not mentoring, nor is it lecturing. We do not simply tell you the answers; we give you the tools to be able to come up with the right choices for you and your career. That is a very powerful tool for you and your journey.

Your CV, or résumé, is a vital marketing tool for your career development. A strong CV can be the difference between being called forward for interview at your dream job or being unsuccessful. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that your details are presented in a professional, meaningful way for your industry and with impact. Put yourself in the position of a hiring manager and think about how you would choose one person for interview over another. Our strategies, based on years of recruitment experience will give you an insight into how you can produce a winning CV. Each of our CV services clients will have a one to one session with a recruitment expert who will talk you through exactly what needs to be done and to challenge your examples to deliver an impressive summary of your candidature. Whether you are active in the internal or external job market, you owe it to yourself not to leave such an important document to chance.

Now you have secured that sought after interview, you need to make sure that you go in there with every possible chance of success. We work with our interview coaching clients to help them prepare briefing packs on their prospective employers, allowing them to know much more about that organisation. We work through specialised interview styles with you, building your awareness and confidence in each situation, which will enhance your chances of an excellent performance. A range of options in this service line are available to you from simply reviewing your application against the selection criteria and helping you to “question spot” right through to facilitating mock interviews which will present you with an accurate “dry run” for your real session with an employer. This full service option has proven to be especially beneficial to those candidates who are not regular interviewees and may be a little ring rusty. Again, this is all about giving you the best chance possible to perform to the peak of your capabilities and achieve your goals.