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One area of activity we are regularly involved in is the operational review of an organisation and the strengthening of people management capability. Your people will be critical to the delivery of your business objectives, so we look beyond systems and processes to also ensure “the right players are on the field” in the right positions.

Much is written about the “war for talent” and how you must be able to compete for the best candidates to take your team forward. While effective recruitment is extremely important for any organisation, it is only part of the story and deciding what sort of people you need to bring in to deliver your business plan and how you get the most out of them when they are on board is just as, if not more important.

Our “no gaps” service ensures that every aspect of successful people in your team is addressed and enhanced.

Luminant Business Plan


Taking the principles of your Business Plan, we will help you create an effective People Plan. We will work through processes with you that allow you to achieve a solid human resource plan based on fact and tied to dollar value in your strategy.

We can deliver significant dollar value by supporting and streamlining your recruitment process, reducing inefficiency and negotiating “off-market” terms from relevant third party providers. However, our objective is to give you the skills and tools to more efficiently manage these processes in-house over time, ultimately reducing any reliance on labour hire and agency costs which can make a massive impact on your bottom line.

Areas of particular strength include:

  • Employer Brand Building
  • Market Mapping
  • Recruitment Process Review
  • Recruitment Process Management
  • Agency Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Response Handling
  • Selection Tools
  • Testing
  • Interviewing Skills

“Transitions are critical times when small differences in your actions can have disproportionate impacts on results.”

(Michael Watkins)

Having invested in securing the best available talent for your business, it is vital that you nurture it in the early stages and avoid the outdated “sink or swim” mentality – otherwise you will find yourself with candidates who don’t hit the ground running but run out the door instead. We can work with you to develop exceptional on-boarding procedures which embed new hires fully, accelerate their integration and deliver you more dollar impact sooner.

It is imperative to align your commercial objectives with the individual goals of your workforce. You monthly reports will provide you with financial analysis of how you are performing against budget but what about your workforce?

You would never countenance leaving your financial reviews to once a year at year end so why should that be the case with your staff?

With a foundation of clearly defined roles, robust position descriptions and their link to comprehensive competency frameworks, we give you the capability to objectively monitor the efficiency of your people in real time and take affirmative action to enhance business performance, focusing on individual improvement, learning and development.

The benefit to your business is a more engaged, committed and inspired workforce who will deliver improved outputs and positively impact the P&L.

It is a much more efficient and stabilising activity to develop your people to reach their maximum potential than to constantly have to hire new skills into the organisation. It is a good news story both internally and externally and enhances your Employee Value Proposition. We can work with you to develop tailored training and development options for your team which reflect the outputs from smart performance reviews and overall business objectives. Where necessary, specialist training can be managed by us through expert third parties, saving you valuable time.

Most business will have a business continuity plan in place which will detail how they would continue to carry out major activities in the event of a disaster. This logistical focus has real value but less focus is given to how many businesses would cope with the departure, for whatever reason, of key staff. This is a major business risk and can be mitigated by effective succession planning. We work with you to identify appropriate roles, clarify the capabilities required to execute them, pinpoint the most appropriate candidates within your organisation and prepare them for advancement. While this is a major step to mitigate a significant business risk, it also links directly to enhancing employee career paths, engagement & motivation and reinforces the effectiveness of our holistic approach.

Good people will always be in demand, regardless of the economic landscape. You have worked hard to build a high achieving team and the chances are that your competitors will have noticed. Earlier parts of the process should have seen you create compelling career paths for your high performers which will go a long way to holding on to them but how can you make sure that they aren’t made a financial offer they can’t refuse and walk off to another firm after all your investment in them? The simple answer is that you can’t. Some of your team will always move on. Indeed, it may be seen as a negative point if you don’t experience some “churn” over time. What we can do to help mitigate this risk is to ensure that your remuneration is competitive in the market for the roles that you are most focused on. With access to specialist information on specific levels and disciplines alongside market intelligence to identify particular threats as they emerge, we can work with you to design innovative remuneration strategies that make it more difficult for your stars to be tempted. We can take steps to ensure that anyone who covets your high performers will have to try very hard indeed to come up with a proposition that will see you haemorrhage staff.

Bringing us back towards the business planning cycle and using information from previous activities we suggest that you continually review gaps in your organisation’s skills. We can help you work through and prioritise those that are critical, then put in place solutions which feed into the next phase of your strategic plan. While this process should form part of an overall engagement, it can be particularly useful to businesses engaged in integrating a recently acquired entity and may need to restructure and redeploy team members in an attempt to achieve rapid stability.